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I want to play!

I don’t live in the right place (Seville, in the very south of Spain), I know that, but where should I go?
There are many very good early music professionals in Seville, but I’m missing professional players my age who want to play, play and play! Who want to rehearse for the sake of playing, of getting better, of working on projects as a group (I think, sometimes, collective intelligence ends up in a deeper and more interesting result than one working on his own).

I want to go out for some beers and talk with friends about the music from, for example, the Odhecaton. Where are viol and lute players who, apart from Marais and Kapsberger, are in love with music by Rogniono, Agricola, Ghiselin or Cabezón? The easy answer for this one could be Basel, but Basel is incredibly expensive.

I want to go to early music concerts, as many as I can. Where is early music alive, or as alive as possible?

Where are young early music professionals who are fighting to make a living playing music, who don’t mind playing one day in a concert hall, and another day in a bar or restaurant?

I don’t know where to move. Help?

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