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Historically Informed Creativity — subcategory to HIP

I‘d like to introduce a subcategory to Historically Informed Perfomance Practice (HIP): Historically Informed Creativity (HIC).

Detail from S. Ganassi’s Opera Intitulata Fontegara (1535) — the first known treatise on diminution.

The creative aspects for musicians from the early music epochs (Middle ages, Renaissance, Baroque) included improvising, diminuting, ornamenting, arranging and composing. Studying the mentioned parts of music making from the original treatises, and thus obtaining knowledge on style, harmony– and counterpoint rules and respecting them, allows the early musician to create himself, but without abandoning HIP and without entering the world of music fusion.

The active creative part of early music deserves a specific name, as it is a specific subject, and a growing part of the early-music-world-habits.

A few examples of HIC:

Orí Harmelin

Alla Bastarda
Karel van Steenhoven

Christoph Ehrsam
& Attilio Cremonesi (min 12:30)

Elam Rotem — Profeti della Quinta

Vicente Parrilla & Miguel Rincón

Musick’s Recreation

Vox Tremula

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