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Incomplete list of instrumentally performed Renaissance music recordings

I’m very interested in instrumentally performed Renaissance music, and I very much enjoy listening to it. But it’s not that easy to find recordings of that musical era without singers. (This is not really true, as there is a vast amount of solo lute/organ/harpsichord recordings. Which is why they are being omitted, sorry!) So, here you find this incomplete list (work in progress) of instrumentally performed Renaissance music recordings. I only include albums that are dedicated to Renaissance music exclusively.

Please let me know of the recordings that are not yet on the list, in the comment section below. I’ll be very happy to get to know them and add them to the list! 🙂

The list is sorted after the type of instrumentation and inside that, alphabetically. Album titles are linked to Spotify.

Varied Instruments

Lute Duos

Solo Viol or Viol & Organ/Harpsichord/Plucked Strings

Solo Harp

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