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Music Scores

Here are my free early music transcriptions. I always publish three versions of the same piece: the original facsimile, my transcription and my transcription’s source file (.mus, Finale 2011) — so you can easily listen to the music (midi) and make changes in the scores if you wish so (for this you need the Finale program, of course).

Feel free to download. I hope you enjoy them!

Please click here for more information on my early music transcriptions.

17th century music

  • Dario Castello — Sonata duodecima (New!): [download id=”33″], [download id=”28″], [download id=”29″]

18th century music

Recorder (Flute) & Basso continuo:

  • Michel Blavet — Sonata Terza (New!): [download id=”30″], [download id=”31″], [download id=”32″]

Music scores from Cancionero de la Colombina

Pieces a 3:

  • Triana — De mi perdida esperança (New!): [download id=”22″], [download id=”23″], [download id=”24″]

Music scores from Harmonice Musices Odhecaton A

You don’t know which instruments to use for this music? Click here.

Pieces a 3:

  • Agricola — Crions nouel: [download id=”1″], [download id=”2″], [download id=”3″]
  • Agricola — Jay bien abuer: [download id=”4″], [download id=”5″], [download id=”6″]
  • Agricola — Leure e venue: [download id=”7″], [download id=”8″], [download id=”9″]
  • Agricola — Lhome banni: [download id=”10″], [download id=”11″], [download id=”12″]
  • Agricola — Si vedero: [download id=”13″], [download id=”14″], [download id=”15″]
  • Tinctoris — Helas: [download id=”16″], [download id=”17″], [download id=”18″]

Pieces a 4:

  • Anonymous — De tous biens playne: [download id=”19″], [download id=”20″], [download id=”21″]
  • Busnoys — Jay pris amours (New!): [download id=”25″], [download id=”26″], [download id=”27″]


I’m spending many hours a day practicing the recorder and working on the music editing is an extra — but pleasant — effort.

So if you are enjoying my free music scores — please consider donating any amount you like and help me to earn a little money for my work.


Please click here for more information on my early music transcriptions.