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Vertebración VI — 2016

Rehearsal of 'Ya sabía que debía haber algún error'

Rehearsal of ‘Ya sabía que debía haber algún error’

Last 23rd & 24th of February I was happy to play next to Bárbara Sela and Alejandra Fernández in a contemporary dance performance at Teatro de la Maestranza in Seville. The event was organized by Asociación PAD and there were 3 different choreographies directed by 3 different dancers. I worked with Juan Luis Matilla in his ‘Ya sabía que debía haber algún error’ (I already knew there had to be some mistake), a performance based entirely on improvisation, both for the dancers, as for the musicians and for the director. There were established signs Juan Luis could use to move dancers or musicians in a specific direction, stop us or change to a different character, and from there on it was improvised by us performers. It’s been a great experience, especially from the point of view of early or classical music where everything seems to be (normally) very strict and people (normally) expect perfection. Here, one did feel free in his expression and I loved that the performances would never be the same and how you always stay curious about what might happen next. I hope to be able to participate more in multidisciplinary performances for I enjoyed it a lot, learned a lot and I am sure there is still a lot more to discover. A big thank you to everyone involved, but especially to Junalu for his great ideas, for being a great director and person, and to Bárbara Sela without whom I wouldn’t have been there!


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